SanRO Membrane for high performance USP water purification systems. Conforms to FDA Regulation CFR, Title 21


A heat sanitizable membrane designed for 85° C


A high flux, heat sanitizable membrane designed for 85° C

SanRO, SanRO HS, and SanRO HS2 sanitary elements are designed to meet the stringent water quality requirements used in pharmaceutical and biotechnology processes for applications such as: high volume pharmaceutical rinsing, cosmetic formulations, container rinsing, cleaning of fermentation equipment, enzymes, polypeptides, blood products, antibiotics, clarification, desalting, concentration, and buffer ex-change in the manufacture of proteins, and other biotechnology products.

SanRO membranes from Hydranautics are designed for maximum performance and sanitizing efficacy in systems making USP (United States Pharmacopea) classified water. SanRO's design eliminates “dead” flow areas that are potential breeding grounds for bacterial growth and ensures maximum ion removal with minimal fouling.

SanRO-HS and SanRO-HS2 provide all the benefits of SanRO in a heat sanitizable membrane, designed for sanitizing at 85º C. Users enjoy enhanced convenience by eliminating sanitizing chemical handling and disposal concerns.