Designing Your System

Hydranautics, the leader in membrane separation technology, provides two software programs free of charge to the Membrane professional:

  • IMSDesign® - a comprehensive software design program that allows the user to design a membrane system using Hydranautics' membranes.

Hydranautics, is pleased to offer our latest comprehensive system design software package. The realistic expectation of performance over time and under a variety of conditions is clearly demonstrated. Parameters such as salt passage increase and flux decline due to fouling are easily accessible to the user - not obscured within the framework of the program. IMSDesign gives users complete control over the information used in the membrane selection process. This control assures the user full confidence in the projected performance of any Hydranautics membrane.

Click here for the IMSD 1.0 New User Help guide.

  • ROData® - an easy to use normalization program that tracks the performance of any RO system to assure optimum performance.

Tracking your RO system performance Specifically designed to be a user-friendly interface for RO system operators, ROData for Windows is a powerful RO normalization program. The program allows users to input, edit, display and print reference, operational and normalized data tables. Graphs of operational and normalized parameters can be displayed and printed from these tables or the data can be exported to MS EXCEL spreadsheets for developing custom graphs. Added features include the ability to print out a generic data log sheet for taking field data, the option of toggling between American, Metric or custom units, and the definition of "custom elements" for normalizing systems not supplied with Hydranautics' elements. To assure the highest standards of data integrity, this normalization program is in compliance with ASTM Standard D 4516-85, "Standard Practice for Standardizing Reverse Osmosis Performance Data."