High Flux, High Protein Rejection 10K PES Ultrafiltration Membranes

Hydranautics' membrane technology experience and innovation are at the core of every DairyUF™ membrane. Specifically designed for whey protein concentration, DairyUF™ membranes deliver exceptional performance and value.

DairyUF™ 10K is ideal for:
  • Fractionating, purifying and dewatering milk and cheese whey
  • Whey protein concentration before evaporating and spray-drying
  • Minimizing waste disposal costs

All Hydranautics' membranes are manufactured using highly controlled, ISO 9001-2000 compliant processes, ensuring the highest quality and most consistent, reliable performance available. Experience a new level of product confidence, cost savings and technology excellence with Hydranautics' dairy membranes.

  • Ultra-high flux UF membranes provide maximum protein yields with the lowest energy costs
  • Meets FDA, Title 21 Regulations and 3A Sanitary Standards for Crossflow Membrane Modules
  • USDA Accepted -all sizes

All membranes individually tested to ensure reliable field performance